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Improving Male Sexual Performance

AS9 is a dietary supplement that was made by Christopher Gordon, a scientist who used to have poor sexual performance. So, he decided to create his own supplement but he used the same ingredients used in many other products of the kind. It is called AS9. The company is not reputable and badly known. The manufacturer promises that AS9 increases penile size, improves the stiffness of this organ, increases endurance and sexual performance, provides harder and longer erections for alphaviril and improves overall blood flow in the lower part of the body: alphaviril reviews.

The supplement has its own official website but it is not informative at all. Its main part is dedicated to Gordon's story how he decided to create the product. All of the users' reviews are positive. It seems as though they are not real. But are the manufacturer's promises true? Let's try to find out this.

The supplement seems to be miraculous as the manufacturer claims that the product is highly effective. But it is not true. Besides, AS9 is associated with a lot of side effects which will be described further. After I spent much time on researching and trying I can provide thorough information about the main ingredients of the supplement. So, let's have a look at them.

Tongkat Ali extract is said to boost the quality of sperm but many scientists claim that this is misleading information spread in public to sell their products. There is no convincing evidence that supports this fact. Besides, the active substances within the plant can vary depending on soil content, microenvironment, humidity and other factors in which the plant was grown and kept.

Maca extract is claimed to be used for improving male sexual performance, libido and energy, for increasing the amount of sperm, and blood flow. However, there are certain contradictions; for example, this substance is prohibited to people who have thyroid conditions. In some cases Maca may cause acute toxicity. L-Arginine is promised to increase blood flow by stimulating release of Nitric Oxide responsible for erections. But this component has not been FDA approved. Besides, there is no information of how much of each ingredient is contained in AS9. It dosage may vary greatly. One of the most serious L-arginine side effects is anaphylaxis characterized by sudden chills, tremors, sweating, hives, diarrhea, vomiting, shortness of breath or fainting.

Even though Ginseng is claimed to stimulate testosterone production, boost libido, improve sexual balance and fight premature ejaculation, there is no scientific proof of these promises. Zinc is important for the proper functioning of the male organism but it cannot boost testosterone levels and improve sexual life by itself. Besides, it is contained in very low dosages, so it effect is not visible. Oyster Extract is the only thing that may work in AS9 due to its aphrodisiac properties. But according to the number of research, it works only when being injected.

The manufacturer of AS9 preferred to keep silent about the possible side effects of the product, so I had to do my own research. First of all, it's important to say that the supplement is not natural and can't solve sexual problems efficiently. There is no information about the exact dosages of the primary product's ingredients. Many of them are frequently used in similar ineffective supplements, but there are several interesting facts.

For example, the amount of Tongkat Ali is four times more than recommended which can lead to side effects. As for Orchic Substance, it is on the contrary added in much smaller quantities than needed. Besides, it is said to be produced from cattle testicles. L-arginine may cause dehydration, some liver and kidney problems, as well as potassium imbalance and stomach cramps, digestive discomfort and nausea. People who have recently survived a heart attack should refuse from taking it. This substance can dilate blood vessels and decrease blood pressure.

The official website of AS9 claims that the product has benefits and is free from any side effects, but it does have shortcomings. The first one is insomnia. Lack of sleep can lower your sex drive and lead to tiredness and fatigue. Many true users give their opinion regarding their experiences. High doses of the supplement can increase body temperature. Some people who take a high dose get impatient and even angry.

It is not advised to drive in heavy traffic after taking AS9. You may be too excited and also experience certain heart related side effects. The product can increase heart rate, so it should be avoided by people who have heart disease. There is no information whether it influences blood pressure, but usually heart rate is connected with this feature. Diabetics should avoid using the supplement.

"AS9 was a complete waste of money, felt absolutely no different after taking these"

"Very disappointed as9. No change, no effect"

"AS9 does absolutely nothing. I think it has to do with quality control. My feeling is the product I received did not contain the ingredients claimed"

AS9 can only be purchased through the official website of the product (it isn't available on Amazon, GNC, Walmart). One bottle costs $39. It is a one-month supply. You are also expected to be able to use a 90 day money back guarantee, but it is not clear how many bottles you need to buy for it.

I don't think that AS9 can take proper care of your health because it has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, it's too risky for your health and is rather expensive in comparison with other products of the kind. Its effects may be contrary to expected ones. The supplement is available on the official website only. There is much lie on the website, first of all, concerning the natural character of the supplement and 90 days money back guarantee. There is nothing special about AS9 formula. It uses well-known ingredients which can be found in many other supplements. I cannot recommend this product to usage as the modern market offers many other male-enhancing supplements which have proven to be safer and more effective.